The Trumpets of Jericho by Unica Zurn


“For the whole land is flooded with a large and powerful wave of the deepest melancholy, and wherever anyone goes or stands, they think here of violent death.”

“If she couldn’t scatter misfortune somewhere, the maid would die.”

“The cows could make themselves small like a fist in order to creep back into the cheese made from their milk. It was a complicated process and they could do nothing about it.”

“Happiness is a stupidity; happiness teaches me nothing, but just makes me empty. Unhappiness fills me with clean, drunken notes like a concert. Deafening and shattering, like a long song of summer-children.”

“If he stays that high up, maybe I can give birth to him through my mouth. I have an uncle who gave birth to his daughter through his ear at the age of sixty-six. (Such artful tricks are an idiosyncrasy of our family).”

“One sunny day a lonely but not quite hopeless man named Falada turned to his doctor with the following words: How should I set myself up to conceive a daughter through my nose and give birth to her through my ear, since I love scents and beautiful sounds?”

some quotes I found disorienting from The Trumpets of Jericho by Unica Zurn

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