A Time to Keep Silence by Patrick Leigh Fermor


“Monasticism tells us something important about the structure of our humanity. Almost every single one of the major world traditions has developed some form of coenobitic life.”

exiguity = the quality or state of being excessively scanty

sybaritic = wishes or inclinations not strong enough to lead to action

velleities = strong sexual desire; lust

“Our three days of travel across Asia Minor, from Constantinople through Broussa and Ankara to the ancient Caesarea, was a journey backwards into a remote and dateless world. The lion-coloured uplands of Anatolia looked Biblical and gaunt. Buffalo-carts and an occasional string of camels, all heading for this odd town on the flank of an extinct volcano, raised long cylinders of dust, and thence our journey took us into the heart of Cappadocia.”

“Dreamless nights came to an end with no harder shock than that of a boat’s keel grounding on a lake shore.”

some quotes and vocabulary I found beautiful from A Time to Keep Silence

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