Made in Japan by Naomi Pollock


“Kibiso fibres, which are spewed out by silkworms, coat the raw silk threads as well as the cocoon itself…. kibiso acts as a natural moisturizer and also blocks the sun’s ultraviolet rays.” (Kibiso Sandals)

“Unlike the usual small rectangular piece of rubber, the Kadokeshi is a string of staggered cubes; when one pointy tip wears down, another one is just around the corner.” (Kadokeshi–rubber eraser that’s mostly corners!)

“A specialty of the island of Shikoku, denguri consists of thin sheets of machine-made washi paper (a traditional Japanese paper) glued together along one edge to form a rigid spine for a 3D shape.” (Honeycomb Lamp)

“Comprising different ingredients, such as azuki bean paste and chestnut or rice flour, and made in various shapes, the many types of wagashi are exquisitely crafted by skilled confectioners into edible works of art, and, accompanied by green tea, they are still the preferred sweet for formal occasions.” (Higashiya Monaka)

“No Japanese wedding is complete without gifts of money for the bridal couple. Each of these gifts is elegantly presented in a white envelope, sealed with a mizuhiki ceremonial paper cord that culminates in an exquisite knot appropriate to the occassion.” (Yu Wa I)

some quotes I found interesting from Made in Japan by Naomi Pollock




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