Handwriting Analysis Made Easy by John Marley


“…ask the sex, age and nationality of the writer[;] never start to analyse handwriting until these two vital pieces of information are known.”

“A very good time to start this collection of specimens is at Christmas time when the steady and endless flow of Christmas cards come through the door. Most envelops are written in a very ‘natural’ manner and are very reliable for using as a test.”

“There used to be a time when bad handwriting was thought to denote a bad character and good handwriting a good character; but this of course is not the case; in fact bad handwriting, that is illegible handwriting, can denote a very high degree of maturity; also a complete disregard for whoever has to read it, and a certain disrespect which is hardly every intentional.”

“It would be just as wrong to down grade the legible writer as immature and ordinary, as to upgrade the illegible as mature and sophisticated.”

“The primary pressure is the first instance where the pen touches the paper (that is the first resistance of the paper surface according to its texture). One senses this resistance….. On the commencement of writing in the normal way, what is known as secondary pressure comes into play. This is the pressure normally used in handwriting. The pen is gripped, either firmly or lightly, and the graphic motion begins across the paper, producing heavy, medium or light pressure.”

some quotes I found informative from Handwriting Analysis Made Easy by John Marley

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