Njal’s Saga


fetches = “Fylgja, the personification of a person’s spirit, perceptible to those with second sight or magic power. Fetches often manifested themselves at times of power.”

“‘Hallgrim carries a halberd which he has charmed with spells so that no other weapon can kill him; and such is the power of its magic that one can foretell when a man is about to be killed by it, by the loud ringing noise it gives.'”

“Otkel had his horse fetched, and prepared himself for the journey. His eyesight was poor. Skamkel walked with him a short way and then said, ‘I was amazed that your brother did not offer to do this task for you. I want to offer to go in your place, for I know that you find traveling difficult.'” (Skamkel and Otkel reminiscent of Grima Wormtongue and King Theoden)

“‘I may have done bad things,’ said Melkolf, ‘but I have never been a thief.'”

“The graver the issue, the greater the honor involved.”

“The use of women’s hair as emergency bowstrings or catapult strings by besieged men is a common motif in Latin literature.”

“‘But I wish I knew,’ said Gunnar, ‘whether I am any the less manly than other men, for being so much more reluctant to kill than other men are.'”

some quotes I liked from Njal’s Saga

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