On Seashore Far a Green Oak Towers


“I did not take you both into the stable to see whether you knew the horse, but to see which of you the horse knew. When you walked up to it, it turned its head and moved towards you; but when the cripple touched it, it flattened its ears and raised its legs.”

“The people raised their heads to see the flock and, noticing something strange about it, pointed with their hands. The Frog terribly wanted to fly lower over the ground, to let the people see her and to hear what they said about her.”

“‘I rejoiced because it dawned upon me at that very moment that Fate was tired of abusing me. For can one conceive of any creature under the sun more luckless and destitute than a beggar whose pouch has been stolen! No greater misfortune could befall me.'”

“Before them were more doors; they opened, and Misha found himself in a street. What a street! What a town! The streets were paved with mother-of-pearl; the sky was shining tortoise-shell; over the sky moved a gold sun; if you beckoned to it, it would leave the sky, revolve round your hand, then start rising again. The tiny houses were made of polished steel and faced with different coloured shells, and under each roof sat a boy bell with a gold head and a silver skirt, lots and lots of them, each one smaller than the next.”

some quotes I like from Raduga Publishers’ On Seashore Green a Far Oak Towers

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