One Thousand and One-Second Stories by Inagaki Taruho



One evening     Mr. Moon was walking with himself in

his pocket     On a hilly road his shoelace came undone

He was bending down to tie it when      Mr. Moon

rolled out of his pocket and down the slope     On the

rain-slick asphalt he rolled over and over and over and

over     rolling to the end of the earth      Mr. Moon ran

after Mr. Moon but     since he was moving ever so

quickly     the interval between Mr. Moon and Mr. Moon

gradually grew far apart      This is how Mr. Moon lost

sight of himself in the blue mists far below



One evening a whitish substance was falling onto the

veranda     When I put it in my mouth     it had a cool

milky flavor     I was wondering what it could be when

all of a sudden I was shoved down onto the pave-

ment     Just then     a starlike object flew out of my

mouth     dragged its tail over the rooftops and disap-

peared without a trace

When I got up from the pavement     a yellow win-

dow was laughing with scorn in the moonlight

two of my favorite prose poems from Inagaki Taruho

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