Arthur Rackham: Masterpieces of Art


“The Golden Age of Illustration designates a period of technological advances, availability and excellence in book and magazine publishing. New printing techniques, particularly in half-tone and full-color were developed to reproduce on a mass scale. The production of paper and rapid distribution networks via the railways came together to give artists rich tools to faithfully reproduce their art.”

“Unlike previous illustrators, who relies on an engraver to cut clean lines on a wood or metal plate used for printing, Rackham could have his pictures photographed and mechanically reproduced. This change removed the middleman between Rackham and his finished product.”

Arthur Rackham: “The most fascinating form of illustration consists of the expression by the artist of an individual sense of delight or emotion aroused by the accompanying passage of literature.”

“Ruskin’s valuable perception that fantastic art and literature form part of a continuum which includes sublime, symbolic, grotesque, and satirical works is particularly useful to anyone interested in this mode, because fantastic art does, in fact, share much with satire and symbol, caricature and sublime.”

some info I liked from the Arthur Rackham volume of Flametree’s Masterpieces of Art series 

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