The Chieko Poems by Kotaro Takamura


Lemon Dirge

You longed so for a lemon
on your sad, white bright deathbed.
Your pretty teeth crunched
the lemon you took from my hands.
An aroma the color of topaz arose.
Those few dew drops from heaven suddenly brought back your mind.
Your blue-bright eyes smiled dimly.
You squeezed my hand so tight.
In your throat a storm raged,
but at the brink of this life
you became the Chieko of old.
All of life’s love
leaned into an instant,
and then once
as you did long ago on a mountaintop,
you drew a deep breath
and your engine stopped.
Today in the shadow of cherry blossoms
before your photograph
I place a cool, bright lemon.

my favorite poem from The Chieko Poems

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