The Collected Poems of Chika Sagawa


“Dreams are severed fruit
Auburn pears have fallen in the field
Parsley blooms on the plate
Sometimes the leghorn appears to have six toes
I crack and egg and the moon comes out.”

“Rains like flower petals.
Hit by a heavy weight, insects descend the tree shade.
Gathering at the mast wall, trailing a faint breeze – sounds are killed by the sun, the waves.
My skeleton places white flowers upon it.
Interrupted by thoughts, fish climb the cliffs.”

“A butterfly landed on the pipe organ on the rooftop garden
The unseasonable syllables wrench the lady’s heart
The bouquet is torn away    the fire does not burn
Outside the window a deer passes by, trampling on the stars
At the ocean bottom, fish mock the weather    people put on their glasses
This year, too, the widowed moon deceives its age.”

some of the poems I enjoyed from Chika Sagawa’s collected poems

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