The Sumi-e Book by Yolanda Mayhall


“Sumi-e was woven from four strands, called the Four Gentlemen: Bamboo, Wild Orchid, Chrysanthemums, and Plum Branch.”

“Sumi-e helps the painter remember the beauty of familiar sights: the way a lizard looks and moves on a bamboo leaf, a bird on the wing capturing a butterfly, a dragonfly hovering over twisted grasses, a bee darting from flower to flower.

suzuri – piece of slate the sumi stick is rubbed on

“For most sumi-e compositions, start in the foreground and work back.”

“Paint soft things like fur & downy feathers with a light wash. For harder objects, such as birds’ beaks and legs, use darker, thicker paint.”

some useful information from The Sumi-e Book by Yolanda Mayhall

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