May by Karel Hynek Mácha


“Until Macha, Czech poets and writers had privileged patriotism over aestheticism. And May is by no means a political or patriotic poem.”

“The Germanization of the Czech lands after the Hapsburg invasion of 1620 nearly destroyed Czech language and literature.. . It also exposed Czech nationalists to European intellectual and literary currents, which eventually allowed for a modernization of Czech verse. ”

“Macha also experimented with various degrees of onomatopoeia, setting the mood of a stanza through the sounds of the words, as when the prisoner’s chains thunder. He uses silence, as indicated by the long dash, as well as sound, as when the prisoner marks the passing of time with the sound of a water drop.”

“Like Vilem, Macha considered himself an outsider. He was preoccupied with questions of death and eternity, and he was obsessed with a woman of questionable honor. He also died young, just before his twenty-sixth birthday, on November 5, 1836.”

some interesting information from the introduction to May by Karel Macha

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