Anne’s Feelings by Kelly Hill


Anne’s Feelings by Kelly Hill

Beautiful oversized board book for illustrating a variety of emotion–from being in the depths of despair to feeling full of wonder.

Every page has illustrations that are “hand-embroidered”, giving the book a patchwork look, which extends to the names for each of the feelings too. They are charmingly detailed–I especially love the tiny bees and flowers on some pages and the purple-heavy palette for the nighttime scene.The only page that gave me pause was the “scared” one–it has the back of a girl’s head with a ribbon on it that really triggers pareidolia (looks like an angry face), which kind of makes it even more of a scary situation. Smallest of nitpicks though. Overall very effective, both in general visual interest and in illustrating Anne’s feelings!

(I won this from the LibraryThing’s Early Reviewer giveaway.)

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