The Bamboo Grove: An Introduction to Sijo by Richard Rutt


Last night’s wind spoiled the blossoms
                of every peach tree in the garden.
Is the boy fetching a broom?
                Does he mean to sweep them up?
Fallen flowers, but still they are flowers:
                what need is there to sweep them?
“Love.” It is a lying word.
               That you love me, another lie.
“The loved one is seen in dreams.”
               That is still a greater lie.
How can I, who can never sleep,
               hope to see you in my dreams?
Kim Sangyong (1571-1637)
If my tears were made of pearls,
I would catch them all and save them.
When you came back ten years later,
a jeweled castle should enthrone you.
But these tears leave no trace at all.
So I am left desolate.

The Story of Hong Gildong


“A figure as quintessentially Korean as Robin Hood in English, one could mention other heroic outlaws like Song Jiang of China, Nezumi Kozo of Japan, Juraj Jánošík of Slovakia, Salvatore Giuliano of Sicily, Ned Kelly of Australia, and Jesse James of Missouri.”

“He had a daughter of such beauty that the moon hid itself and flowers became embarrassed before her fairness.”

“After Gildong perused the texts, he ordered a white horse to be sacrificed and drank its blood.”

“The coordinated movement of wild geese in flight was used as a metaphor for the harmonious relationship of siblings.”

some information and quotes I found interesting from The Story of Hong Gildong