Berlin Stories by Robert Walser


“The most beautiful thing is when you seem not to be conscious of the beauty and merely exist as do other things as well.”

“Strange, the way we look into each other’s eyes on a Sunday afternoon like this, as if we had something to say to one another, but we have nothing at all to say, we say to ourselves.”

“In the spring, it seems, men and manly deeds suddenly become so superfluous, so foolish. No deeds now! Listen, linger, remain rooted to the spot. Be divinely touched by something slight. Gaze into this blissfully sweet, childhood-like green.”

“To show by one’s gaze and gestures that one is finding things a bit tedious fill a person with a quite peculiar pleasure.”

“…a full ten fables more fabulous…”

“It is a place of deep inhalations and mighty exhalations, as if life itself felt disagreeably constricted by its own pace and course.”

feuilletonist = one who writes for thepart of a European newspaper devoted to light literature, fiction,criticism, etc.

“How they squander their time and the light, golden, fluid worth of their existence by passing hours on end in places where they exhaust their ears and minds speaking about things that a a sensible, hardworking person would give a swift thought to, soon reaching a conclusion.”

“When a child cries, this is immediately comprehensible, but when old people are induced or compelled to weep despite their advanced years, this reveals to the one hearing and seeing this the world’s wretchedness and untenability, and such a person cannot escape the oppressive, devastating thought that everything–everything–that moves upon this unfortunate earth is weak, shaky, and questionable, the quarry and haphazard plaything of an insufficiency that has entwined itself about all that exists.”

some quotes & info I found satisfying, from Berlin Stories by Robert Walser